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If you shop at the Santa Monica store, you will receive double rewards but you must show the special LARC barcode when shopping.  The store clerk will not know our special.  This barcode is only available to our active members on our website. Members Only

Upcoming Races and Events

Are you looking for some fun races. Check these out! You dont want to miss this. To learn more click here.

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Just in time for the HOT weather running. These are light weight and comfortable to wear. They suck up that sweat and dry quickly. The new LARC singlets for men and women are $25 for non members and for members $20.


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Saturday Mornings & Wednesday Nights

Hooray, California has opened up and we are ready to train together again.   Come out and train with us on Saturday, June 17, 2021 at 7:00 a.m. at the Santa Monica Totem Pole on Ocean Avenue/San Vicente in Santa Monica.  After 16 months of not being able to meet, in-person track will be back on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at Santa Monica High School, 601 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405There is free parking on Pico Boulevard and neighborhood streets south of Pico.  There is also paid parking on 4th/Olympic in the structured parking lot.
 There will be 5 certified coaches on hand to lead you through the different threshold workouts. I(Please see map.) If you renewed your membership or joined, you may also pick up your LARC shirts on Wednesday. #LARC #runners #runnersofla #racewalking #walkers #losangelesrunningclub #getfit #lamarathontraining #thresholdtraining

Thank you. Board and Coaches of the LA Running Club

Proud Member of RRCA

Los Angeles Running Club is a proud member of the RRCA

BREAKING NEWS: Track Night Moved to Santa Monica High School Tomorrow Inbox

Sorry for such short notice but LARC just found out from the City of Santa Monica that track night has been moved from Lincoln Middle School to Santa Monica High School starting tomorrow at 6:30 p.m.  There is free parking on Pico Boulevard and neighborhood streets south of Pico.  There is also paid parking on 4th/Olympic in the structured parking lot. DO NOT GO TO LINCOLN MIDDLE SCHOOL!

We have traet for runners this week at Track Night!

We have Suja Cold pressed juice, Liquid Death Mountain Water and Reign Body Fuel!!!

Limited supply. You need to show up tonight at Track Night. 09/01/2021



Dave McGovern's Racewalking Clinic Testimonials

Check out the new videos we just added!!

Testimonials from the most recent Dave McGovern's Racewalking Clinic. Listen to what some of the participants have to say about it.

Click this Link

LARC/Conqur Endurance Group Affiliation

LARR/LARC Affiliation
The LA Road Runners training season for the LA Marathon kicked off at the totem pole on Saturday, September 14th!

Because the LA Running Club is now an affiliate club in partnership with Conqur Endurance Group for the 2019-2020 training season, as a current member of the LA Running Club, you can train with LARR through LARC and receive Corral E on marathon day and enjoy the benefits of training with LARR pace leaders. 

Conqur seeks to strengthen the greater Los Angeles running community by partnering with clubs around the LA area, providing new training tools and activation opportunities focused around Conqur events.

In addition to six large scale meet-up training runs, affiliate clubs will host live and virtual championship events utilizing the Zwift platform.  Two meet-up training runs will be held at Dodger Stadium.

LARC will also have a cheer tent on marathon day along the marathon course.

If you are interested and haven’t yet signed up or renewed your membership in The LA Running Club, you may do so in person at the totem pole or on track night, or by clicking this link: Join LARC

In addition, LARC will get entries into the LA Marathon that we will raffle off over the next couple of months to members only.  You must be present to win.

We will continue to provide tent support and gels, Gatorade, water and snacks to our athletes.  We will keep out a donations jar and will appreciate your generosity.  

We are excited for this opportunity but want to make sure everyone understands that the following are NOT included in the LARC/LARR affiliation:

1. Exclusive LARR discounts
2. Zwift Foot Pod
3. LARR training shirt
4. Access to the locker room at the Pasadena Half Marathon
5. Access to the Loge Level at Dodger Stadium on Marathon day
6. Corral B

Those benefits are available only by registering with the LA Road Runners https://www.lamarathon.com/participant-info/larr

Welcome our new sponsor Dr. Kazu Suzuki

NS team & LARC Press release
Dear members,
Dr. Kazu Suzuki has been appointed as a medical advisor to our running club. 
For our members, he will be providing the first aid, such as treatment of minor cuts and scrapes, minor allergic reaction and ankle sprains etc. He is an experienced foot and ankle surgeon, and he can advise you on running related questions and injuries as needed. He is an active member of the club and he will be present at Saturday Totem-pole meetings and Wednesday track nights on most days. 
Most importantly, he will have an EKG device and an AED device which is a heart defibrillator device that can be life-saving when a person has a cardiac arrest and collapses. Although it’s rare, cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, including a seemingly healthy runner. You may have heard a 29-year-old Danish professional soccer player (Christian Eriksen) collapsed during a Euro tournament match in June 2021. Fortunately, Eriksen was resuscitated with AED, sent to a hospital for a pace maker and survived, solely because he had an immediate medical attention.
Kazu is a native of Tokyo Japan. He is a Boston marathon qualifier/finisher and an Ironman finisher. He is an attending staff of the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center since 2006 & has a private practice clinic in West Hollywood. He also welcomes your running or health-related questions via email (Kazu.Suzuki@cshs.org), which may be featured in our weekly emails and in our website.
Dr. Suzuki’s practice website here: (www.suzukiwoundcare.com)
Dr. Suzuki’s LA times article on the first aid here: (https://www.latimes.com/health/la-he-wound-care-20160725-snap-story.html)

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