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LARC is a non-profit, all-volunteer running club located in Santa Monica, California for runners and walkers of all levels. If you’re  looking for track workouts, long runs, fun runs, race walking, social events, training, information, or running resources, you're in the right place! Our Wednesday Night Track program offers workouts for Interval, Repetition, Track Light, and Walking for all.

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UCAN took their award-winning Energy Gel and made it even better! Introducing the new Pineapple Edge. This summer-inspired flavor tastes like vacation while delivering superior fuel to put in the work. UCAN brand ambassadors say it’s the perfect blend of tangy + sweet, mild in a great way, and something that when your hours into an event, will be nice and light on the pallet. Grab yourself a box of this refreshing new flavor using the tea...

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