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The LA Running Club was started back in 2002 when a group of pace leaders from the LA Road Runners (LARR) (the official training group for the LA Marathon), were looking for a way to keep running in the "off season," meaning those 6 months immediately following the LA Marathon.  

Between 2002 - 2018, every season immediately following the completion of the LA Marathon and until the start of training for the LA Marathon by the LA Road Runners, which usually begins in late September, you'd find the LA Running Club at the totem pole with tent support, snacks, friendly faces, helpful, encouraging runners, and opportunities to reach out to the community and build a network of friendships.

In 2019, the LA Running Club formed a partnership with Conqur Endurance Group to become an affiliate club, and to train with the LARR pace leaders for the LA Marathon.  You will therefore find us year-round at the totem pole on Saturdays, and current members are welcome to train for the Marathon with us!

Our workouts include year-round track workouts on Wednesday nights at Santa Monica high school at 6:30 pm, and other special events such as hikes and fun runs which are announced well in advance.

We keep the running community informed through our website, email blasts, social media pages and announcements at the totem pole.  We regularly bring in helpful guests within the health and fitness industry to offer our members information, training, discounts on races or merchandise, and drawings for free stuff!

Our coaches, pace leaders and leadership are always available to offer advice, training plans, or to answer questions.  Whether you run, run/walk, or walk...  you have a home within the running community with the LA Running Club!

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